My Critter Flash Release

2014-02-11 13:27:23 by KazaaMafia

Hello NGers, 


Today I released the mobile port of my game "My Critter" on Newgrounds with hopes to get some exposure towards the mobile Android port. It's a game that originally started development early Jan 2014 using the Construct 2 engine, but later was ported over to Stencyl's game engine within two weeks. My Critter features the ability to design your own critter with different features such as eyes, noses, and mouth and perform daily activites such as feed, sleep, clean, etc.


I recently updated the mobile game with Valentine's Day content(as you can see with the image below) such as a Valentine-theme wallpaper, theme skins, etc.





This game is still new, so I still have alot of idea/content that I want to add-in over time. Like a garden where you can check your crops daily and use crops to craft various items. I have plans for a "Stock Market" system where you can buy low, sell high stocks and it will update everyday in real-time. Other plans include visiting other critter's homes, battling other critters (via turn-based), etc etc. So please check out the current version and leave your feedback, ideas, suggestions.. Also, don't leave your critter asleep when your about to log off Newgrounds. Let's just say your critter will die permanently. I need to fix that.. -_- Thanks to Yasufusa for informing me.   (  

Deadly Space Boss Arena and Beta News

2013-12-09 18:59:36 by KazaaMafia

I don't normally make news posts on here, but hopefully this will be worthwhile.. My next game Deadly Space Boss Arena will be released on Christmas Day (12/25/13) as a Open Beta. The game is not perfect and we would like everyone input and suggestions to make the game better. After all, only two people are working on this game. Deadly Space Boss Arena is a unique type of game where you must aid Alyssa or Ben (main characters) to defeat the evil Slicer who has spawn many mini-bosses in the Galaxy.



  • Boss Generator: Will be able to fight different bosses. Some stronger or weaker than others. Plan to include new bosses in each update.
  • Weapon/Hat : Collect bounty cash gained from killing bosses to buy awesome and powerful weapons and hats (armors) you can use on your main character. Plan to include new weapons and hats in each update.
  • Gear Enhance System: Use your bounty cash to enhance your weapons and make stronger (Ex. +5 Dragon Gun)
  •  Ability to take screenshots and share on Facebook and Twitter.
  • Online Co-op MultiplayerIn the works..
  •  Audio Jukebox containing great works from a few Newground Artists.


and more...








Pitluff Driver

2013-02-26 17:52:55 by KazaaMafia

Play it now!!

Play Mazify right now

2013-02-01 23:41:13 by KazaaMafia

Play my latest game now!! Mazify!

The World of Pitluff Demo

2012-08-28 12:01:26 by KazaaMafia

Hey guys!! Try out The World of Pitluff Demo. It features two levels. I know it's a bit buggy, so please bare with me as I correct them in a future update. Please continue to post your bug reports in the form of a comment.

Version 1.0.6( Feb 8th, 2012)
-First Extras Pack "Valentine's Day Mini Pack"
-Newgrounds Leaderboards added (Valentine's Day Pack Only)
-1 New Medal (More medals coming the future.)

Don't worry more medals and more level packs will be added in the future :)

New Pitluff Update

- Featuring First "Extras" pack featuring Valentine's Day based levels.

- Newgrounds scoreboard fix (and hopefully medals..)

This update launches on Saturday, Feb 11th, 2012.

Also, a new game is now in the works called "Galaxier", I don't have any further information other than a new artist aka Bazmak will be working on the game's graphics. You can view his portfolio by clicking the link below..

Just wanted to mention that starting next week, I will take the time to improve the " Newgrounds Version" of Pitluff. This update will include the true implementation of the Newgrounds leaderboards API and potentially medals will be added. Also, the first "Extras" pack will come soon relating to upcoming Valentine's Day. Stay tuned.

Happy New Year and Pitluff!!

2012-01-04 07:16:29 by KazaaMafia

Happy New Year guys!!! I don't normally use this Newgrounds account, but when a new year comes, it means it's usually time for a change. So I will finally come on this website more and upload my games and play other Flash based games. Speaking of which, I'm uploading my first Flash Game "Pitluff", this weekend. Stay tuned.. ;)