Pitluff Driver

2013-02-26 17:52:55 by KazaaMafia

Play it now!!



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2013-02-27 17:35:48

Done. Even got the 1,000,000 - medal, but shhh, don't tell my boss, he'll gonna kill me if he would know what I did in my worktime ;)

KazaaMafia responds:

Hacker!! Lol, just kidding.. grats man.


2013-03-01 03:05:16

So I read the previous comment to mine about all skins being unlocked on your game and like I expected, your other skins don't work.

Now that I have access to the other skins, here's a final bug report of the MAJOR bugs with your game and what a clusterfuck of bugs... The first 4 could easily be fixed with only a pair of simple fixes.

1) In-game Score Counter and Cumulative Score counters are completely separated and progress of the In-game Score counter is not physically counted towards Cumulative Score counter.

You probably have 2 blocks of time code for 2 counters when all you need to do is remove one block and learn how to link one score value to another. This bug and the next 3 would disappear.

2) 4x multiplier only advances the In-game Score counter and not the Cumulative Score.
3) 2x multiplier appears to advance your In-game Score counter 4x normal
4) - but not the Cumulative Score counter.

5) 2000 pt starting bonus simply increases your starting speed rather than starting score... (fuck. how hard is it to code a counter to start at 2000 rather than 0?)
6-10) Black screens.
11) 2 preloader screens
12) 1 preloader screen when you 'Exit' to Menu from any place.

Double jump and Default are the only skins to work and Default is Default.

It seems like you were trying to do much more but just couldn't figure out how or just quit halfway from completion.