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My Critter Flash Release

2014-02-11 13:27:23 by KazaaMafia

Hello NGers, 


Today I released the mobile port of my game "My Critter" on Newgrounds with hopes to get some exposure towards the mobile Android port. It's a game that originally started development early Jan 2014 using the Construct 2 engine, but later was ported over to Stencyl's game engine within two weeks. My Critter features the ability to design your own critter with different features such as eyes, noses, and mouth and perform daily activites such as feed, sleep, clean, etc.


I recently updated the mobile game with Valentine's Day content(as you can see with the image below) such as a Valentine-theme wallpaper, theme skins, etc.





This game is still new, so I still have alot of idea/content that I want to add-in over time. Like a garden where you can check your crops daily and use crops to craft various items. I have plans for a "Stock Market" system where you can buy low, sell high stocks and it will update everyday in real-time. Other plans include visiting other critter's homes, battling other critters (via turn-based), etc etc. So please check out the current version and leave your feedback, ideas, suggestions.. Also, don't leave your critter asleep when your about to log off Newgrounds. Let's just say your critter will die permanently. I need to fix that.. -_- Thanks to Yasufusa for informing me.   (http://yatsufusa.newgrounds.com/)




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2014-02-11 15:44:04

awww adorable! could I possibly do a mini showcase lets play of this?

KazaaMafia responds:

Sure, go ahead :)